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Welcome to Mountain State Agency Alliance!

Welcome to Mountain State Agency Alliance (MSAA)!  We are the Master Agency responsible for establishing and maintaining the regional network of SIAA for the State of West Virginia, western Virginia, and eastern Ohio . If you’re a local agent seeking to remain independent or start a new agency, you owe it to yourself to find out more about how we can help you!

Mountain State Agency Alliance (MSAA) History

Mountain State Agency Alliance (MSAA), a SIAA master agency operating in West Virginia, western Virginia, and eastern Ohio. We were established in 1999 by Bill Porter, Dan Kerns and Mary Kerns as a sister company of Ramsey Insurance Agency, Inc. of Charleston, WV.

Today, Mountain State Agency Alliance operates independently as one of the top performing SIAA master agencies in the nation. We are a mentoring organization providing direct access to carriers, higher commissions, bonuses, contingencies and overrides.

Mountain State Agency Alliance was created to help the independent agent remain independent and ease the way for new and captive agents to enter the independent agency world. MSAA continues the family business established by Bill Porter in 1973.

About SIAA

Siaa 100Launched in 1995 and based on the success of the Satellite Agency Network (SAN), SIAA now has over 6,000 signed independent agencies generating hundreds of millions in new premium business annually. Today SIAA is the nation’s largest partnering independent insurance agency alliance.   For more information on SIAA nationally, please visit us at www.siaa.net.


Mountain State Agency Alliance (MSAA) Benefits of Membership

MSAA provides your agency with the opportunity to increase its independence, income and value-while reaping the benefits of belonging to the largest alliance of independent insurance agents in North America; Strategic Independent Agents Alliance (SIAA). More and different than a network, aggregator, or cluster, membership with SIAA offers the following advantages:

  • Become Instantly Big
  • Stay Independent
  • Access to Top Rated Carriers
  • Individual Company Appointments
  • Preferred Company Contracts & Commissions
  • Profit Sharing, Overrides, and Growth Bonuses
  • World Class Training- the SIAA Training and Learning Center
  • No Minimum Volume Requirement
  • Stability of a National Organization
  • Ability to compete with larger agencies and clusters
  • Keep existing markets while earning new ones
  • Agency Software Discounts
  • Mentorship/Assistance in Placing accounts

Become a Member

MSAA is seeking limited, quality members in our territory in WV, VA & OH. We have no specific agency profile because our membership consists of a wide range of agency “types.” The common thread? Our member agencies want to grow and remain independent.

If that sounds like you, then MSAA will help you meet your objectives. Many of our members are smaller sized independent agencies that were in need of markets. Larger agencies find that they can earn higher commissions and more profit sharing than they can on their own, and support more markets.  Further, captive agents, direct writers, life and financial agencies, and producers have all found membership beneficial. You owe it to yourself to find out more. Contact us today.

Companies Represented

Mountain State Agency Alliance (MSAA)  Strategic Partnership Carriers:

Travelers Logo Safeco Logo Liberty Mutual Logo
The Hartford Logo State Auto Logo Dairyland Auto Logo Encompass Logo MetLife Logo Guard Insurance Group
CHUBB Logo Black RBG Foremost Logo Nationwide Celina Insurance Group Logo Allstate Logo AMIG Logo FullColor Horizonal RGB
NandEagle Horiz OYS 3C Hagerty Logo Grange Logo Westfield National General Logo AmTrust




Kristin Garlow

  • Received Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Marshall University
  • Over 20 years experience in the insurance industry and agency management
  • Training & Development for our agencies in WV, OH & VA
  • Strategic planning for agents to increase their overall profit and growth
  • Quarterly on-site meetings and working daily with members to achieve agency goals
  • Training agents on how to quote, sell & service our partner companies
  • Reviews agency codes to detect any patterns that could result in increased loss ratios
  • Yearly business planning at the local level with each member. Developing marketing plans to assist our members in achieving their maximum potential.

Amiee Facemyer

Chief Operating Officer
  • Accounting and Commissions
  • Network Compliance Manager
  • Report Training and Troubleshooting for Members
  • Over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry
  • Manages NetWeb input

Christy Bell

Director of Commercial Lines Access Plus
  • Commercial Lines underwriting for Access Plus
  • Assist in placing CL Business and works with Member Agents for CL Business Development
  • Coordinates CL training for Member Agents
  • Assist agents with all CL Issues
  • Previous experience as Commercial Lines Account Manager for Yeager Insurance and Financial Services
  • Previous experience as Sales Agent for several large commercial retail agencies
  • Previous experience as Customer Service Agent
  • Christy has over 13 years of experience in the retail Insurance Industry, in Personal, Commercial, Life and Health insurance.

Kalila Jeffrey

Vice President of Network Marketing
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Asbury University 
  • Experience as commercial lines producer at a large retail insurance agency, 
  • State Auto Commercial Lines Pacesetter graduate 
  • Development of the ISM Recruitment Program 
  • Executes ISM Agreements with independent agencies to join MSAA 
  • Act as a liaison between the agency and our partner companies 
  • Training and mentoring for new and existing ISMs 
  • Creates defined quality control measures for profitable growth within our membership 
  • Develops business plans with new members to achieve growth with our carriers 
  • Negotiates and monitors book transfers 
  • Identifies organic growth opportunities with new agency partners 

Kelly Scarberry

Director of Personal Lines Operations
  • Personal Lines Underwriter for Access Plus
  • Assists in training for all personal lines companies
  • Works with our members and partner companies to create profitable, organic growth strategies
  • Work with agents to create coverage solutions for their clients
  • Assists agents with any and all personal lines issues
  • Over 22 years of experience in the P&C industry


Mike Dove, Dove Insurance Agency, Christiansburg, VA
Bob Jones, Jones Insurance Agency, Elkins, WV
Charlie Feller, Mullens, WV



Becoming an Independent Strategic Member

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