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What is BIA?

Business Insurance Advantage is an eight-week educational course developed by SIAA and available exclusively to SIAA members. The course focuses on targeting and writing small commercial business that your carriers want to write. This is done through a series of one-hour lessons that are accessed on-line and weekly telephone calls with the BIA administrator, Jamie DeStefano, who helps students stay focused and on track. The program identifies what local businesses to target and how to market to them, as well as cross-selling and rounding techniques.

Why take BIA?

As we have recently learned, the world of insurance is going through some dramatic changes, especially with regards to Personal Lines. This includes volatility in premiums, and changes in commission schedules. Meanwhile, the world of commercial has remained relatively stable, with our carriers wanting to grow in commercial lines, especially in small commercial. The numbers show that while SIAA is up 16% for small commercial with our partner carriers, BIA members are up 27%, or 11 points higher. BIA members are up 22% on commercial commissions!

How Much Time Does BIA Take?

BIA is not an intensive product training course. Participants must invest 5 hours a week for training and a half hour a week for the telephone call. Additionally, some advance work is required. Continuing to conduct marketing campaigns post-training is the key to long-term success. Be aware that success does not happen overnight. BIA members build data on ex-dates, call backs, and early discussions with prospects. Commercial prospecting takes time!

When Can One Take BIA?

Courses start each quarter. The next one starts at the beginning of January. MSAA has three spots left for the January course at this time.

How Can One Get More Information on BIA?

Please contact Dan Kerns to set up a short webinar with head of BIA, Steve Tombarelli from SIAA. You can email Dan at or call him at 304-925-0255 X 1006.