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Did you know that MSAA has an excellent market for your local non-profit organizations that pays 15% commission? Chuck Smith, Sales Director for Guide One, was in our office going over the opportunities we at MSAA have with them. In addition to their super inclusive church policies, Guide One has a comprehensive program for non-profit entities.

Why solicit non-profits? Several reasons come to mind. First, local non-profits are, by definition, based in your community. They are a good place to get to know leaders within your community. The people associated with non-profits are usually committed to their group and are more likely to do business with you on other things if you are also helping their “baby”. By insuring your local non-profit organization, you as an agent are demonstrating your commitment and involvement within your local area.

Second, non-profits are a class of business that many agents ignore, many times because they perceive them to be tough to write or because they do not have a market that likes to write them. (Most carriers do not write them or do so on a limited basis.) But this works in the agent’s favor as once written, most of these accounts will stay on the books with high retention.

Third, writing non-profit business can be a substantial account, not only from the commissions on the account, which many times can have property and auto risks, as well as the GL and D and O exposures needed to be covered. Add to this the cross-sell opportunities and you can see that writing your local non-profit can be very lucrative.

I am not saying the non-profit business is easy to write, but it typically has a specialty application which can be filled out with the insureds. This alleviates some of the information gathering process. Also, you, as a member of MSAA, have a resource in Cindy and Jeff to help you with the application process. If you would like further information on how to start, please contact Cindy or Jeff. Look out for a separate email coming soon with all the classes of non-profits that Guide One likes to write.

On a separate note, please remember to save the dates:

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